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Many times church giving is separated into categories: Tithes, Offerings, Seed Offering, Building Funds, and more. Members then prayerfully consider what to give to each fund. The result is that some people may feel left out of certain giving initiatives or like their contribution isn't going to the most effective ministry goal.

The IMPACT INITIATIVE is all about loving God, loving others, and empowering Full Impact to fulfill the call of God.

We each need to commit to sacrificial giving as we are focusing our generosity into one fund - a single fund that includes operating expenses, outreach, benevolence, discipleship, and ministry expansion. Every aspect of the one fund will go to support the purpose of Full Impact Christian Church.

We invite you to ask God how you are being called to pursue transformational generosity and expand your reach on behalf of Full Impact for the glory of God.

We sincerely thank you for supporting Full Impact Christian Church. 
Your contributions will allow us to further advance the Kingdom of God.

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